GSNY™ Butterfly Mini Shirt

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The GSNY™ Butterfly Mini Shirt is the long and short of comfortable Style. The mini shirt is made of organic jersey knit fabric. The V-neck collar is mirrored at the back and made of 100% American grown cotton jean fabric

GSNY™ (GSyndicates New York) is your fashion source for uptown style at a hometown price. GSNY’s “Hotline” will get your heart pumping with fitness and wellness products to help you feel your best in everything that looks good on you. GSNY is inspired by comfort and classic lines. Breathable fabrics complement lifestyles on the move. Convertible styles mean more mojo for your money. Whether you take to the catwalk, the office, or the shops on the avenue, you will look and feel great in GSNY. Click product images for details.